Are dogs supposed to eat meat alone?

We’ve seen it in films and animated cartoons so we’re certain that dogs get hyperactive when they see meat. It’s common mistake made by the majority of dog owners to believe that the only food these pets crave is meat. In reality, they won’t say no to a slice of apple or a delicious bowl of oatmeals.

You can read in the lines below why this misbelief regarding dogs diet exists and how many nutritional benefits dog have if they eat another type of foods besides meat.

The reason why puppies like meat is due to their teeth. They are able to rip the flesh apart without putting too much effort. Not to mention the fact that bones don’t stand a chance when they encounter a hungry dog. Moreover, their digestive system is extremely different compared to the human one. Because it works fast, the stomach acids can make its own carbohydrates from protein and fat. Plus, dogs don’t have amylase in their saliva for digesting sugars so they don’t need a lot of carbs in their diet.

However, domesticated dogs eat a small amount of vegetables and other typical foods encountered mainly in the omnivorous diet.


For example, peanut butter is a great treat to give your dog because it takes a little time to eat a whole spoon. Also, it is packed with all sorts of goodies such as proteins, niacin, healthy fats, vitamin E and B. Nevertheless, try to give them unsalted peanut butter because salt is a real enemy not only to people but also dogs. In addition, stick to classic sugar and dump butter that has Xylitol in their composition.  

If your dog is not lactose intolerant, you can give him a piece of cheese. Generally, cottage cheese is more preferred because it has lots of calcium and proteins and easy to digest.

Especially if your puppy needs to lose that extra weight, you can add some carrots that make a great in-between meals snack. Low in calories, carrots are excellent for their teeth and are packed with tons of vitamin A.

Because dogs can have issues with their digestion, it’s important to add live active cultures into their diet. One excellent option is yogurt that gives them calcium and proteins and improves their digestive health. Make sure you don’t give them products that have certain flavors or sweeteners among their ingredients.

Pumpkin is great for us humans because it hasn’t got many calories and has a rich content of fibers. This is why puppies that have a sensitive stomach should have canned or fresh pumpkin servings on a regular basis.

Instead of giving them chocolate which is not recommended, opt for sliced apples as a sweet and tasty treat. Packed with vitamin C, vitamin A, and phytonutrients, the apple should be given without its seeds because those contain cyanide.  

Dogs that are allowed to eat grains will love a delicious bowl of oatmeal which is a great source of dietary fiber. You can add water or low-fat yogurt if you like.


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