Tick-borne diseases – What you should know


Ticks are pests who can threaten the lives of our pets. They can be found in almost all environments, even if they prefer humid places, tall grass, and forests. Our dogs love to roam free and to scratch their bodies against any possible thing, that’s why it is important to check them for ticks every time we come from a walk.

One of the scariest diseases that ticks carry is the infamous Lyme disease. It is an infection of the tissues, which has the potential of being fatal. It threatens both humans and pets, and it’s quite hard to see the symptoms in dogs as they can mimic other conditions. And the worst part is that they can lead to kidney failure and death.



It usually can take even a month for the symptoms to appear, so it is important to check our pet soon after you removed a tick or after you have started suspecting a tick bite. Some of the symptoms include a bull’s eye rash, your dog will be tired all the time, will start to lose appetite and weight and will refuse to move for long periods of time. I still remember my first dog back when I used to own my kennel, that died because of this merciless disease.

Another disease ticks carry is canine ehrlichiosis. It comes in multiple forms, mostly specific to our U.S regions. And just like Lyme disease, its symptoms might not be obvious at first. Some of the first things which you will notice are that your pet will become lethargic, depressed, and it will have flu-like symptoms that include a running nose. Pay extra attention to nosebleeds and bruising gums, as they can prove that the disease is getting worse.

A condition that is not as well known as the previous ones is anaplasmosis, which can infect both humans and dogs, meaning you have to pay attention and check your dog and yourself when you come from a picnic. It affects the blood platelets, thus leading to frequent bleedings that can cause anemia. But all of the dark scenarios can be avoided if you buy one of these good and affordable tick shampoos.

Rocky Mountain spotted fever is transmitted by the American thick, hence the name of the condition. It is fatal to your companion, that’s why it needs to be treated as early as possible. Some of the symptoms include inexplicable rashes, trouble walking, and neurological abnormalities. The good thing is that this disease can be kept under control if caught in time.

I am urging you to double check your pet every time he comes from an exposed area. And to prevent a deadly event, I recommend you should invest in a high-quality anti-ticks shampoo that can make a life and death difference.


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